Earth, Water, Air, Metal and sometimes Flora

This is where the elements collide. They are other-worldly, a dreamscape instead of a landscape.


Journey to the Center of My Mind

These abstract paintings represent Journeys of the mind. They usually start with just streaks of color and then  manifest into what you see here. There is no planning that happens ahead of time. The hands just go off on their own accord. Each person will have their own experiences with the paintings. There is no right or wrong in that experience. My experience happened while painting it in a form of performance art. Your experience starts when you view it. You may not have an experience with each painting. That is fine. It just does not speak to you. It may speak to someone else. One cannot judge that experience.

The Ladies:

In this room you will find artwork in which my ladies or girls are the primary subject. They cross many time frames and ages.

Last Night:

These are part of a series that was/is painted to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Beethoven’s Last Night”. The series is yet unfinished. So these paintings are not for sale as of yet.

Some paintings are centered around a single song, while others are compilations of songs from the same album.

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