Branching Out

Check out one of my newest shops.

(Yes, there is at least another one coming.)

Here’s A Sneak Peak at what got me started.

… 100% cotton sateen face coverings! Complete with a stainless steel nose piece, filter pocket (filters sold here separately) and soft fabric elastics, these 200 thread count cotton sateen face coverings are here to give you a little more peace of mind. You can feel confident washing them over and over without fear of fading. Stay safe and stylish with custom printed & sewn to order face coverings.

These are NOT for medical purposes.

~Art Of Where

Some of you may be asking why did it take me so long to do this. Well I was doing product research (special thanks to my research assistant 😉 , testing, and prototypes. I mean, do you how many studies there are out there about what are the better cloth-mask materials & styles of masks to help optimize containment, filtering & still breathe. I also, wanted to make sure the products I was going to put my art on were sourced ethically, workers compensated fairly, and I could still be close to affordable for all concerned.

I can say I found what I was looking for. Unfortunately, not until after I already wasted some money on some poor masks. They’re ok…but I’d feel better putting in a filter pocket & filter. So after the money, now I’m adding extra time too.

These masks fit well. If you don’t like the behind the ears option, it is easy to slide in some straps for tying behind the head or changing the elastic when it wears out (yes, it will). But these make it easy to keep wearing the mask by changing the ear loops as long as it continues to fit correctly and you can’t see through it. The nose ‘clip’ is awesome. Material is just what they said it would be. Tested. oh tested. I wear these masks to Physical Therapy. Definitely not for jogging. Even without the filter, I feel better about this mask then others I’ve seen & tried.

So yes, I’m putting my art, where my mouth is. I hope you do too. ~L