May at the Art House

May – Visits to the Art House by appointment only.

Happy Mother’s Day –

The ArtHouse is usually open on the 2nd Saturday of the Month. However, being Mother’s Day weekend, I’m taking the weekend off.

To all the mothers out there, Have a great day. Being a mother is a creative act in and of its own. If you were blessed by getting pregnant, you created a being inside of you. If you were blessed by finding a child to call your own, you created a way to make that happen. Just raising children you have to be creative to make it all work out somehow. If you are an artist & a mother well… that becomes another story all together.

This is a photograph of a painting that birthed my current art life.

Birthing An Idea II (photo) 2007

Some women birth creative works of art. I call them mother too.

Peace & Grace to all.