In Memoriam

Honoring Grief — In Memoriam

Opened January 22, 2017

Often I cannot express emotions completely with words. Particularly those emotions that are particularly “ephemeral” and intense such as in the grieving process. It is only through pigment, color, stroke that I can process and in turn completely express the higher intensity of emotions.

This current group of work in oils and multi-media sculptures are the processing of grief and some of the emotions and stages of grief that I have experienced. I needed to give form to the senseless, unforeseen, and surprising loss of my sister. Emotions range from the raw naked emotional paintings, to the denials of “I can go on as normal” “I’ve accepted the loss and everything in-between.

Though this is a grieving representation of my own emotions through my processing and choices of color stroke, the colors & lines it may invoke your own internal emotional dialogue. All emotions are valid, honored, and accepted. We need to remember that we don’t have to feel the same in the same time, nor do we come from the same emotional space. The goal is to give all emotions a voice particularly when there are no words or complete thoughts to start the expression, particularly the intricacies of the emotions as we all express things just a little bit differently.

It is my hope that these works help start emotional expressions as people begin cutting through the coldness and numbness of grief which often occurs and may bring about a cleansing by tears from the soul.