Introducing the 2019 Holiday Visiting Artists

Uma Maheswari, Artist

Uma Maheswari

I am a self taught Illinois based artist currently living in Bloomington. I first became interested in painting and crafting as a teenager when i had the fortunate opportunity to observe one of our neighbors back in my country of India doing sculpture and paintings for temples. It fascinated me on to see how simple brush strokes with colors can bring such exquisite beauty .

I create artwork in acrylic, clay , mixed media and paper that reflects my vision on the things that I see. I create paintings and crafts that Can add wonderful soul to everyone’s life. My works are mostly on nature, jewelries , decorative paintings with vibrant colors.

My desire as an artist is to share my dynamic cultural heritage and take the viewer of my paintings and crafts on an inspired visual journey – to breathe life, joy and peace into their lives.

Contact Uma at: Email: Facebook: Classydio Creations

Theresa Chambers, Artist Eileen O’Malley Photography

Theresa Chambers has a strong appreciation for agriculture and expresses that in her photography. She is inspired by her parents. Her dad, a retired farmer, is where her appreciation of the land comes from. Her mom has always encouraged her art. So, when Theresa’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Theresa started to actively share her artwork with her mom to see her smile.

A native of Central Illinois, Theresa has her photography available at Inside Out Accessible Art Cooperative Gallery in Downtown Bloomington, IL. She was among the first artists chosen to paint traffic control boxes in the Downtown. Her box displays five scenes from her rural landscape photographs. She was the Adult Photography winner of the 84th McLean County Annual Amateur Art Show hosted by the McLean County Arts Center.

Contact Theresa at: Email: Website: Facebook: Eileen O’Malley Photography

Kelly Pile, Artist

Hi, my name is Kelly Pile. I spent many years keeping my art hidden away, afraid to show the world any emotion that may appear, but the past several years I have let go of that fear and I want to share all the beauty I see through my eyes with as many people that will give it attention. Much of my life I have admired artists from all over the world and have always been inspired by nature and environment to create Art based on my own perspective.

My visions tend to be of a free spirited nature with soft lines and free flowing colors. Even though I enjoy dabbling in many mediums, my favorites are acrylics, pen and ink, charcoal and wood burning. At times my brush strokes or subject I choose reflects my emotions and I love the connection I feel with someone that may feel or see the same as I do in pieces I’ve created, and I certainly admire and respect those that see or feel something completely different. Or maybe you just see it as a cool looking piece of art, and I love that too! 😊
Any way you look at it, my art is an expression of who I am and if it just makes you smile, I’m happy with that. ✌️❤️

Contact Kelly at: Email: Facebook: Peace Love & Hippiness

Rose Tuttle, Artist

Rose Tuttle is a local artist whose art is whimsical and happy in nature. Rose’s art is comprised of pen and ink, colored pencil, colored pens with some works in acrylic and watercolor. She is inspired by nature, but most pictures are created from her imagination. Her studio is wherever she is located at the time of inspiration. She creates because of her intense desire to draw.

Rosie Art Life is the current name for her online web site, with an art presence at the “Main Gallery 404” on Main Street in Bloomington Illinois and also at “Refine 309”, 200 W Monroe Street in Bloomington Illinois. She was one of the first artists chosen to paint traffic boxes in Downtown Bloomington, her fish design is located on Main and Washington.

Rose Tuttle is a member of the Art Circle of Bloomington and MCAC. Rose completed the Fundamentals of art through at Art Instruction School and continues to take classes when available. Life and art is always changing and there will always be something new we have not experienced.

Contact Rose at: Email: Etsy: Rosie Art Life

Rachelle Toms, Artist

My name is Rachelle Toms, and I make macrame art of all sorts. I live here in Bloomington, but I am from Sycamore IL, a small town up North. I started making macrame art as a way to add to my newest obsession, plant collecting!

I grew up watching my Grandmother crochet and macrame, and went to her for my first books and cord from her 70s ‘stash’ to get myself started. My hobby quickly grew and my friends and family were buying my handmade macrame items. From there, launched my Etsy account ‘Knotty But Nice Art’.

Contact Rachelle at: Email: Etsy: Knotty But Nice Art Instagram: @rachelletoms

Visiting Artists will be at the Art House for a meet & greet during Special Art House Holiday Hours.

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