Opening Reception “Stages”

Opening Reception “Stages” 

Saturday, January 21st 7pm

Opening Reception Part 2

My New Year Celebration

January 22nd,  2p – 5p

Artist Statement

Stages — Honoring Grief — In Memoriam

I am a highly emotional person. There are times I feel so deeply that not only do I feel my emotions but also the emotions of the people around me. Often I cannot express these emotions with worlds. Not to mention that the emotions are even “ephemeral” as far as emotions go. That for me it is only through pigment, color, stroke and that these can be processed completely engaged.

This current group of work in ink, oils & sculpture are the processing of grief and some of the emotions/stages that I have experienced and needed to give form to as I process the loss of my sister. From raw naked emotional paint to the denial or “I can go on as normal” “I’ve accepted the loss” to everything in-between. Not sure there is a complete acceptance though.

Though this is a grieving representation of my grief emotions through my processing and choices of color stroke, the colors & lines may invoke your own internal emotional dialogue. As all emotions are valid, honored, and accepted.

It is the goal to give all emotions a voice particularly when there are no words or no complete verbiage that expresses the intricacies of the emotions as we all express things just a little bit differently.

As the emotions would swirl in my heart and head it is only until the colors are chosen and the strokes started did the emotional expression begin cutting through the coldness and numbness that bring about the cleansing of tears.

Stay tuned via Twitter, FB, Instagram & this site of course for updates & additional information.

Peace to all.